Contractor Access

Portside Wharf

39 Hercules Street, Hamilton, Queensland

Contractor Access

To maintain the security of Portside Wharf, Centre Management requests a minimum of 48 hours’ notice for contractors requiring access to common facilities of the centre, except in an emergency situation. This includes any of the Tenants’ contractors where works are undertaken outside the tenancy, where works may affect or impact on operations, or where access to base building services is required.

Tenant’s contractors will be issued with access cards or keys by Centre Management after receipt of written instructions from Tenants via the ‘Access to the building to perform work’ form (available from Centre Management). The instructions should specify the hours and dates for access, employee names or contractor’s company, name of employees to be granted access and the nature of the work being carried. All contractors authorised to work at the site will be issued with keys, access cards or passes. Keys, access cards and passes must be returned prior to leaving site each day. All contractors must ensure they wear appropriate identification displayed in a prominent position at all times.

All Contractors are required to sign the register book in the Centre Management office of Portside Wharf on arrival and departure. Furthermore all contractors carrying out work in any part of Portside Wharf facilities (e.g. air conditioning, plumbing) must be inducted by Centre Management prior to commencing works. All necessary Safe Work Method Statements and Insurances should be submitted at this time.

Access to restricted areas such as the Land Restricted Zone must be arranged 48 hours’ prior to work commencement and all contractors will be required to carry a Marine Security Identification Card (MSIC) identification card. The Land Restricted Zone includes the service road from Security Gate 2 and the complete back of house roadway and Loading Dock 2. Please contact the Centre Management for further information in this regard. The contractor must provide photo identification, e.g. driver’s licence, which will be held by Centre Management until the access passes/keys are returned by the contractor. Additionally a maritime security guard escort is required in order to access the Land Restricted Zone during days when ships are in operation. Costs associated with the escort are borne by the Tenant or contractor.

Contractors responding to emergency callout requests will be admitted at short notice only with the authority of Centre Management and under escort within the Land Restricted Zone.

Please note any lost keys will be charged back to the relevant contractor or Tenant to re-key the entire centre, reprogram the access control system and reissue access passes to all Tenants, contractors and authorised persons.

A security guard will be required at the Tenant’s expense for any after-hours contractor access.
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